Google’s Invisible ReCAPTCHA: Quick Recognition Of Human or Robot Without Solving CAPTCHA

Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA is an incredible feature which will recognize whether you’re a human being or a robot with just a single click. This feature is being developed by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will distinguish your humanity based on your behavior.

google invisible recaptcha

As you know, a few years back, Google introduced CAPTCHA to keep the websites secure from the bots that access and spam websites. CAPTCHA was really annoying, as the user needs to read awkward group of letters & digits and type it in the text box. That was time consuming and even irritating process. When the robots learnt to read the CAPTCHA and started abusing websites, Google replace it with reCAPTCHA to protect websites. reCAPTCHA feature used to show number of pictures and ask users to select particular combination of pictures. It is not as much annoying as CAPTCHA and needs few clicks only. But still users feel that it’s just wastage of time and energy while entering the websites.

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To eliminate this annoying process, Google is going to introduce Invisible reCAPTCHA which will work as you think and this will not ask users to take any test before entering any of the sites. Invisible reCAPTCHA will keep on accessing the user before, during and after login into websites to recognize whether he is human or a robot. Isn’t it interesting? Now no extra efforts are required to prove your humanity on the web world.

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  1. Many publishers would rather use Solve Media’s Recaptcha product as it does the same thing as Google’s but also generates decent revenues.


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