Gooligan Android Malware infections spread to more than 1 Million Devices

Gooligan Android Malware has emerged as a threat for more than 1 million android devices. From the last few months, Gooligan Android Malware infections are being noticed by Researchers at Checkpoint. Almost 13,000 new infections occur each day and are compromising with Google accounts. Researchers are working with Google to find out the source of this Gooligan Android Malware.

gooligan android malware

As per researchers, the main motive of this malware is something different from other Android malware. Gooligan Android Malware enters Android device through an infected app from downloaded from non-reliable third party resources. Gooligan injects ads by manipulating apps in the Google Play Store. This malware is basically spread to generate revenue from ads and garbage apps.

Gooligan Android Malware works on mainly Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop. Other newer Android versions are patched. This malware downloads a root exploit like Towelroot in the Android device to gain the full access of Android device. Attackers are forcing fake reviews on the apps in Play Store to give you temptation for downloading them. These reviews make the users realize that these garbage apps are worth downloading.

Google and Checkpoint is strictly working on this issue and hopefully this will be solved soon. We suggest you not to download apps from third party resources and avoid installing APKs on your Android device.

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