While hackers are attacking on Windows Operating System continually by spreading dreadful malware and ransomware such as WannaCry, Petya and Locky, the Mac that is considered to be more secure operating system than Windows, is also targeted by the hackers.

The several Mac users are reporting that their Mac machines get locked and hacked. The victims are receiving messages demanding ransom payment in order to unlock a locked Mac system.

Hackers locked Mac devices remotely using Find My iPhone feature

The hackers are accessing iCloud’s account and locking Mac devices using iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature. They set the passcode that is required when the victims try to unlock the device. The “Find My iPhone” feature works even if the user has enabled two-factor authentication and the hackers are taking advantage of Find My iPhone exploit.

“Impacted users likely used the same email addresses, account names, and passwords for multiple accounts, allowing people with malicious intent to figure out their iCloud details”, Mac Rumors.

The impacted users are not suggested to pay ransom payment to the hackers for unlocking the Mac devices as it would promote malicious activities. They should contact Apple Support to unlock Mac devices. Moreover, the Mac users are recommended to change Apple ID Passwords and always use strong passwords in order to keep their devices secure.


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