How to Change Screen Refresh Rates in Windows 10

Refresh rate is number of times the image on your monitor is refreshed by the system each second. The term for measuring the refresh rates is called Hertz (Hz). Better the refresh rate better and smoother is the viewing experience.

Normally, refresh rate is kept at 60Hz which is an optimum setting for majority of users. But if you are a gamer and not satisfied by an average setting you can change it to some higher screen refresh rates settings to 144Hz or above.

Increasing the screen refresh rates and resolution depends upon the monitor and graphic card you are using.  You may have questions in mind about changing the windows 10 screen refresh rates like:

Will my gameplay be improved after changing the screen refresh rate?

Yes, you will see some improvements in the gaming experience like more clarity and smoother game. So, it is recommended to change the refresh rate if your GPU and Monitor allows.

Will my Laptop battery be drained faster on increasing the screen refresh rate?

Higher screen refresh rates require more power. So, it’s right to say that your laptop’s battery will be drained quickly than on lower refresh rates on Windows 10.

How to change screen refresh rate in windows 10

  • Open Settings.
  • Hit the System icon.
  • Click on Display.
  • Now tap on Advanced display settings under “Multiple Displays” Section
Advance display settings to change screen refresh rates windows 10
  • Click on Refresh rate drop-down menu and select the desired refresh rate for your display.
change screen refresh rates windows 10

How to change screen refresh rate for secondary display in windows 10

  • Navigate to Settings->System->Display->Advanced display settings.
  • Click on Display adapter properties for Display 1
change screen refresh rates windows 10 secondary monitor
  • Click on Monitor tab and select the desired Screen refresh rate in Monitor settings.
  • Click apply and OK.

You may encounter issues like flickering of screen if correct screen refresh rate is not selected. You can select the default refresh rate on Windows 10 by following the same process. In case, you still face issues, you can reinstall the Graphic Card drivers to get back to your default settings.

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