How to install Directx Control Panel in Microsoft Windows

DirectX Control Panel is a small utility which installs DirectX icon in control panel which in turns helps user to get access to DirectX properties easily. User can change the configuration settings accordingly.

install directx 9c control panel

How to embed icon into Windows control panel.

First use need to download this small utility. It comes with .Cpl extension which is used for control panel icons. Please this file in System 32 folder of your windows installation.

Go to { C:\Windows\System32 }

The next time you open the Control Panel, you will notice that a new shortcut is being displayed. Once you click it, a window displaying a wide array of properties pops up, allowing you to adjust video, as well as audio behavior.

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Extra tweaks with DirectX Control Panel Extension.

Apart from giving you information about the installed DirectX drivers the control panel extension also lets you optimize the settings of Direct 3D, DirectDraw, Directsound, DirectShow and more options. You can use it to tweak your video card to perform at its maximum power for gaming or multimedia purposes.

DirectX Control Panel Property Box

Download :-  DirectX Control Panel




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  1. Awesome tutorial with easy steps to follow. I thought installing is a complicated matter but I like your detailed explanation.


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