How To Install And Manage Google Chrome Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions are small software programs that enable you to extend the functionality of your browser. The extensions are written by using web languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Basically, the extensions allow you to have better online experience by extending the ability of web browser.

install chrome browser extensions

Browser Extensions are most commonly used to block advertisements, improve security, modify websites, integrate with other services, add number of features and to improve browser interface. It is a good idea to get extensions to enhance the capability of your browser in a simple way.

How To Install Google Chrome Browser Extensions

Launch your browser and open Chrome Webstore. You can also go to the Settings menu of Chrome, select extensions option from the left pane of window and then click on Get more extensions link appearing on the right pane of window.

install browser extensions

Then find and select the extension which you want to install. Now click on Add to Chrome. In our following example we are going to install AdBlock.

install browser extensions

A confirmation window will appear on the screen. Click Add extension button.

install browser extensions

You have installed extension on your browser. You can install more extensions to improve the functionality  and UI (User Interface) of your browser.

How To Disable Or Remove Chrome Browser Extensions

Go to the Settings of your Chrome browser and click on extensions. You will see a list of installed browser extensions on the right pane of the window.

browser extensions

Click on check button showing on the right side of the extension. This will disable the extension. For example, we are not willing to use extension of amazon for sometime and we are going to disable this extension. You can enable it anytime.

disable browser extensions

If you no longer need any of the extensions, you can remove that particular extension by clicking on delete icon.

remove browser extensions

Click Remove button to confirm the removal of browser extension.

remove browser extensions

We strongly recommend not to install malicious extensions from unknown sources. You should always read Privacy Policy section of extension before installing it. Many extensions ask to have access to your private data. To check the reviews of other users can help you to avoid malicious browser extensions. You should use those extensions which are used by a lot of users.



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