How to Install Windows 10 on USB Drive as Portable Windows

Do you ever wish to carry your Windows operating systems in your pocket all around? If yes, you need Portable Windows that allows you to run Windows from USB drive and install the desired programs. You can keep your personalized Windows for the ease of operations while you go outside and you only have access to the computer of another person.

The biggest benefits of have a Portable Windows 10 USB is that, you can carry your own customized Windows Operating Systems with you. The other benefit of Windows on Go USB Drive is that you can use it on any system.

Sometimes on corporate networks certain software installations are restricted by network administrators. With Windows on Pen Drive you can bypass those restrictions.

WinToUSB (Windows To USB) is a free tool which is used to install and run fully functional Windows on USB flash drive. You can use ISO, WIM, ESD, VHD or VHDX image file as a source of installation of Windows on USB or external hard drive.

This Windows To Go Creator can also be used to create the bootable drive of Windows, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2. As Windows To Go feature is available in Enterprise edition of Windows, therefore the users of non-Enterprise editions are not able to install portable Windows on external drives. But with the help of WinToUSB tool, it has become possible to run non-Enterprise Windows on USB or external drive.

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Requirement to Prepare Portable Windows

  • WinToUSB
  • ISO/WIM/ESD/VHD or VHDX image of Windows (which you prefer to have in your USB flash drive or external drive)
  • USB flash drive or external hard drive.

To Create Portable Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista Using WinToUSB

Create your live Windows USB drive by following below given steps.

Step-1: Download WinToUSB tool by using direct download link.

Direct Download WinToUSB (Size: 5 MB)

Step-2: Install WinToUSB by following on-screen instructions.

Step-3: Connect USB or external hard drive to your system and then run Windows To Go Creator (WinToUSB).

Step-4: Browse and select your ISO image from the source.

Step-5: Select the version of your OS from the list.

Step-6: Then you will be asked to format your drive. Select MBR partitioning scheme (default) and hit OK.

Step-7: Select the system partitioning and boot partitioning from the list and click Next button.

The Windows will start to install on the drive. This process will take some time so you need to wait until installation gets completed.

How to Get Started with Portable Windows

Whenever you want to use your Windows on another PC, you need to boot from your drive. For the first time, it will take few minutes as the drivers will get installed.

That’s it. Now you can work on Windows without any hassle. Do share your experience about using portable Windows operating system in the comments section.

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