IPv6 is launched today and some of the major service provider including AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, Google, Facebook have transited to the newest version of Internet Protocol. IPv6 is seen as a solution to accommodate the rampant growth of internet around the world. IPv6  is designed by IETF ( Internet Engineering Task   Force) to replace the currently used IPv4 version. This address pattern has first introduced in year 1995 and was tested in year 1999.

Problem with Internet Protocol Version 4

First of all Internet Protocol 4 is 20 years old method of allocating address to devices attached to internet, second IPv4 uses 32bit addresses which is written in decimal form as four numbers separated by period, and in theory can accommodate total of 4.3 Billion ip address which are getting short as internet is growing at a rapid speed.

Benefit of using Internet Protocol Version 6

The new IPv6 protocol uses 128 bit address and it’s is availability of 300 trillion trillion trillion IP address over internet.Network Address Translation is not required in new IP rules, it is auto configurable has a simpler header, more efficient routing. The format of this new version IPv6 could be as: 3ff:1900:4545:3:200:f8ff:21:67cf. This newest version IPv6 also allows the internet to grow fast, both in the terms of hosts connected and amount of data transmitted. IP will also improve.


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