Java 6 Update 24 Released by Oracle

Java 16 Update 24 is released by Oracle Corporation to fix 21 vulnerabilities found in previous versions of Java Runtime Environment & Java development Kit.

As per details made avaliable by Oracle corporation out of 21 vulnerabilities which this udpate fixes 13 affects java Client deployment, 3 affects both client and server deployments, 3 vulnerabilities affects Java Server deployments only. Only 1 vulnerability affects Java DB which is a component of Java JDK.

To get more details regarding update check the official blog post. You can check version of Java Runtime or Deployment Kit installed here.

File Size :- 15 MB
Version :- Java 6 Update 24
Homepage :- Oracle Corporation
Download  :-  Java Runtime

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  1. now java updates are to be activating in the iphone ..
    It contains the high quality graphics as to be seen 7 measured.


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