Microsoft_Windows_Patch_Tuesday Windows XP Patch Tuesday for June 2010 is released with six security updates. Three updates are rated as Critical, and rest as Important.  As the support of Windows XP Service Pack 2 is expiring on 12 June 2010 users are advised to upgrade your service pack.

Download Windows XP Service Pack 3

Get complete list of Microsoft Windows XP Security Update and Patches released in Year 2010

Knowledge BaseRatingAffected ApplicationSize
KB979559ImportantVulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode drivers could allow remote code execution1.4 MB
KB979902CriticalVulnerabilities in Media Decompression could allow remote code execution1.0 MB
KB980195CriticalCumulative security update of ActiveX kill bits489 KB
KB982381CriticalCumulative security update for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8. You should go to Knowledge  Base and download the relevant patch.
KB980218ImportantVulnerability in the OpenType Compact Font Format (CFF) driver could allow elevation of privilege639 KB
KB981343ImportantVulnerabilities in the Microsoft .NET Framework that could allow tampering.You should go to Knowledge  Base and download the relevant patch.


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