Kaspersky System Checker: Free Tool to Diagnose Malware, Software and Hardware Issues

Kaspersky System Checker is a free portable diagnostic tool which helps in pointing out various problems in your PC. We can call this an all-in-one tool which can scan the problems related to hardware, software and malware at once.

The drawback of this tool is that it doesn’t provide direct solutions to fix the issues. It only offers the directions to sort out the problems. But still, it is a useful tool that helps users to analyze all the issues quickly.

Some of the issues that can be diagnosed by Kaspersky System Checker

• Installed programs’ vulnerabilities
• Missing device drivers
• Critical system updates
• Firewall problems
• Malware
• User Account Control (UAC) problems
• Anti-virus software problems

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How Kaspersky System Checker Works

It is pretty simple to use this security diagnostic tool. Download Kaspersky System Checker from the official website of Russian security company Kaspersky. Install the program on your Windows system. This free tool is compatible with all version of Windows Operating Systems starting from Windows XP.

Direct download Kaspersky System Checker.

• After installation, it will launch automatically. Now click on “Run Diagnostics” button.

download kaspersky system checker tool
• The process of scanning (system diagnostics) will be started. Usually, this process doesn’t take much time.

kaspersky system diagnostics tool free

• The vulnerabilities and issues will be displayed in red color and sections which do not have any of the issues will be displayed in green color. You can see the screenshot, which shows that the PC of Digital Riser doesn’t have any issue.

kaspersky system checker scan results

• The Kaspersky System Checker has three tabs “Detected Items”, “System Info” and “Additional Info”.
Detected Items tab displays the result of scanning (list of vulnerabilities).
• The second tab “System Info” lists the information about the system which is scanned. The information includes browser extensions, installed programs, recently installed programs, large programs, and infrequently used programs.
• The final tab “Additional Info” lists the non-critical issues diagnosed by Kaspersky System Checker.

kaspersky system checker tool to diagnose various issues of PCs

Try this tool on your Windows PC and detect the vulnerabilities. It will surely help you to enhance the performance of your Windows system.

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