Delaware Corporation which owns “LastPass” one of the most popular password managers available has released an extension for Opera web browser. The extension is available on opera extension page and is compatible with Opera 11 which is still in beta phase of development. I personally love opera for its speed and stability and lastpass has cleared a major roadblock for me to start using Opera as my primary browser.

Lastpass is one of the best free tool in its category and has won various awards. It’s online password management and form filling capabilities makes it a personal favourite. Your data is encrypted locally and then uploaded to LastPass servers and made available to you online in any compatible web browser you want, you just have to log in to your account.

You can also import data from various other password managers like RoboForm, KeepPass, Password Safe etc. and also export data from LastPass to these password managers. You can also generate secure passwords with it while you are filling a registration form at any other site.

You can download LastPass Password Manager from Opera extensions page.


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