New Linux Kernel 2.6.35 Released


New Kernel 2.6.35 for Linux Operating System has been released. As announced by Linus Torvalds the new kernel has many  improvements like it’s designed to handle network traffic more efficiently, Video Graphic acceleration has been improved. A memory compaction mechanism is introduced to  reduces external memory fragmentation in a memory zone. This is truly an open source team work, as many big businesses were involved in developing this new Kernel for Linux.

“Linux 2.6.35 includes support for transparent spreading of incoming network load across CPUs, Direct-IO support for Btrfs, an new experimental journal mode for XFS, the KDB debugger UI based on top of KGDB, improvements to ‘perf’, H.264 and VC1 video acceleration in Intel G45+ chips, support for the future Intel Cougarpoint graphic chip, power management for AMD Radeon chips, a memory defragmentation mechanism, support for the Tunnelling Protocol version 3 (RFC 3931), support for multiple multicast route tables, support for the CAIF protocol used by ST-Ericsson products, support for the ACPI Platform Error Interface, and many new drivers and small improvements.”

For Details regarding Improvements and changes in new Linux operating system  you can follow the article at Kernelnewbies

2 thoughts on “New Linux Kernel 2.6.35 Released”

  1. Kernel is the most important of any operating system.
    It handles all sort of hardware requests.
    With the new Kernel 2.6.35 Linux will work more fast.


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