The keyboard shortcut keys help users to be more productive as there is a rapid race in the world of technology and working by following long & time-consuming methods are not efficient. Everyone wants to be multitasking and perform the work faster than ever before, therefore, using Internet shortcut keys is the best idea.

The majority of tasks are performed online and if you use Internet shortcut keys rather than operating the web browsers using a mouse, you could complete your work within half of time.

Shortcut keys for Internet users, Internet Shortcut keys

Start using total shortcut keys of computer and find yourself in a position of comfort. In this blog post, we are providing internet shortcut keys list which will help you to speed up your online work.

Generally, users switch between tabs in Google Chrome, open a new tab, bookmark website, save the web page and more by clicking with the mouse as they are not aware of keyboard shortcuts used on the Internet. How about learning either Google Chrome shortcut keys or Internet Explorer shortcut keys? This list of Internet shortcut keys will definitely resist you from using the mouse for various online operations.


Internet Keyboard Shortcuts List

The following Internet shortcut keys can be used on any major web browser. However some of the keyboard shortcut keys might be prepared for dedicated browser and don’t work on other browsers, still, some are same for all major browsers. You can use these short keys without any hassle.

Ctrl + N: Open a new browser window

Ctrl + T: Open a new tab on the browser

Ctrl + W / Ctrl + F4: Close the current tab

Ctrl + H: Open the browsing history

Ctrl + D: Bookmark the current website

Ctrl + F / F3: Open search field on the current web page and press Escape to exit

Ctrl + L / Alt + D/ F6: Focus the address bar of the browser

Ctrl + P: Print the current web page

Ctrl + R: Refresh current web page

Ctrl + O: Open a file from the storage of your Computer

Ctrl + S: Save current web page in your computer

Ctrl + A: Select all the contents of current web page

Ctrl + E / Ctrl + K: Jump to browser’s built in search box or focus address bar (in case, browser doesn’t have built in search box)

Ctrl + U: Open the source code of current web page

Ctrl + Tab: Switch to next tab

Ctrl + Enter: To put www. as a prefix and .com as a suffix to the text which you have typed in the address bar. For example, if you want to open website then just type digital riser on the address bar and hit Ctrl + Enter.

Ctrl + Shift + Del: Open the Clear Browsing History window

Ctrl + Shift + T: Restore closed tabs

Ctrl and +/ Ctrl + mouse wheel up: Zoom in

Ctrl and -/ Ctrl + mouse wheel down: Zoom out

Ctrl + 0 (zero): Set default zoom level

Ctrl + 1 to 8: Switch to specified tabs. For example, if you want to jump to third tab (from the left) hit Ctrl + 3

Ctrl + 9: Jump to the last tab

F1: Open help window of the browser

F5: Reload the current web page

F11: Switch to full-screen mode and again press F11 to reverse the action

F12: Open Developer Tools

Ctrl + F5: Reload the entire website

Alt + Home: Open home page

Alt + Left Arrow: Go to the previous web page

Alt + Right Arrow: Go to next web page

Alt + Space: Open title bar menu

Alt + Space + X: Maximize window

Alt + Space + N: Minimize window

Home: Jump to the top of page

End: Jump to the bottom of page

Escape: Stop loading web page


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