Major Features of Upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update

The most awaited Windows 10 Creators Update is the blockbuster update which is bringing lots of latest features on your Windows 10 PC. You would probably want to know what’s new in this huge Windows 10 Update prior the official launch by the Microsoft.
We are going to let you explain all the available features that you should know before actually having this Windows 10 Creators Update.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft has revealed the latest features one by one and possibly will keep on unveiling more features. The development process of this update is about to finalize in the March month and it is planned to release it to the testers before the final wider release.

3D Capability for Creators

Microsoft is mainly bringing 3D capabilities to the creators in order to enable them handle 3D objects on Windows 10 PC. The new 3D Paint app is in the hypes which is a special tool developed for creators. This app will help you to work on 3D projects and even modify the scans if needed. If you want to capture any 3D object you can use any smartphone using “Windows Capture 3D Experience”.

Microsoft has added a new “View 3D Preview” app which will enable you to take a preview of 3D objects and models from every possible perspective.

Microsoft Edge is also coming with 3D support. You can download as well as upload 3D models online using Edge. The 3D models can also be printed with the help of 3D Printer.
Besides this, 3D capability is also added in Microsoft PowerPoint and will soon add in Microsoft Word and Excel.

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More Control Over Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 is known for automatic updates and most of the users who have limited access to Internet data get annoyed as they are not notified before starting updates download. Now no more botheration about Windows 10 auto updates will be there as you would be able to pause updates for upto 35 days. This feature is available for all the editions except Windows 10 Home. Navigate Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Pause Updates and take advantage of deferring updates in case you don’t have sufficient data plan all the time

Apart from this Windows 10 UUP (Unified Update Platform) helps Microsoft to reduce updates size approximately by 35%.

New Game Mode

The new game mode is now available in Windows 10 Creators Update with improved performance. In order to enable Game Mode you need to open the game bar by clicking Win + G keys while in a game and then access the Settings icon. After that, check mark “Use Game Mode for this game” option.

New Game Mode will definitely bring some more interesting changes for games lovers.
Moreover Microsoft is bringing Broadcast button on Windows 10 to stream your recorded gameplay to Xbox live in real time and all of your friends will get notifications of your broadcasting. This feature will make the Game Mode even more interesting.

Microsoft Edge Enhancements

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser of Windows 10 that’s why new improvements are made available with upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft, now offering tab preview bar on Edge which displays a visual preview of opened tabs.

Edge is also allows you to keep the tabs aside and even share them on apps of your Windows 10 PC. Furthermore, Edge blocks Flash by default and you can enable it if required but if you want improvement in battery life, you should keep it blocked. This browser will prefer HTML5 whenever available as it focuses on providing better performance along with online security.

Besides this, Microsoft added more new features to Edge such as web payments support, jump list support from taskbar of Edge, display of PDF & EPUB files and so on.

Without an iota of doubt, for the time being, Microsoft is just initiating the improvement in Edge and definitely will keep on providing required changes and latest features.

Night Light In Place of Blue Light

Night Light feature, earlier known as Blue Light, is specially designed for those users who keep on working on their laptops or desktop and face the problem of eye strains. Night Light feature changes the temperature of colors according to time which helps users to avoid eye straining even after continue usage of PCs.

You can enable Night Light feature by accessing following path

Settings > System > Display > Night Light Settings.

Latest Cortana Features

Now your digital assistant Cortana is coming with more exclusive features. Now you can perform various functions just by commanding your Windows 10 virtual assistant. Cortana can turn off your PC, restart your PC and put it on sleep mode when you ask her with the voice command. She can also control the volume of your PC and tell you which audio is playing.

Cortana is now available in full screen mode and can play movies too with your voice command. She can do now much more than ever before.

If you always find problem while reminding important events such as birthdays, anniversaries and memorable dates which re-occur every year, you can seek the help of Cortana.
One more interesting feature on Cortana will soon be released. It is synchronization between all the apps among various devices.

In short, Cortana’s latest features are going to persuade users of legacy Windows to upgrade their OS to Windows 10 and enjoy commanding their assistant anytime.

Apart from all these major features, there are lots of small but noticeable features in Windows 10 Creators Update.

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