How To Manage Default Apps In Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 lets you manage the default apps for the ease of operations. The feature of choosing the default apps enables you to select an app of your choice to open a particular type of file. For example you may like Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome to open web files or vice versa. For this action, there is no need to select the app every time you open the web file. You can select desired web browser as a default one.
Although this specific feature was also available in legacy Windows, but Windows 10 has ease the method to manage default apps.

Steps To Manage Default Apps In Windows 10

First of all, navigate the Settings of your desktop.


Now click on the very first option i.e. System.


Click on a tab named as Default apps on the left pane of the window.

Manage default apps in windows 10 operating systems

Furthermore, you can see Choose default apps section on the right pane of the window. Just scroll down the screen and notice several categories of files and different application that are pre-selected as default apps.


Now you can change the default apps as per your choice by clicking on the  pre-selected app under each category. For example, if you want to change the by default app to open the photos then just click on the icon of app under Photo viewer category. Then select the desired app.


Apart from this, you can reset all the default apps that are recommended by Microsoft with a single click.


Choose Default Apps By File Type in Windows 10

You have lots of files of different categories in your computer and every file has a specific extension. Extension lets you know the type of the file. You can easily select the default apps for the files having same extension. Overall, you can manage your default apps in details by using this option. For example the different photos can have different extensions (.jpg, .png, .jpeg etc.) and you may want to open some of those photos using a particular app and the rest photos that are having different extensions with other app. For this you have to manage your default apps in details using same method.



Manage Default Apps By Protocol in Windows 10

In the Default Apps section, you will find an option  Choose Default Apps By Protocol which is used to select the default apps by protocol types. Using this option, you can decide which protocol is associated to which app. For example, you can to set up your computer so that Gmail opens whenever you click on an email address on the web page. Click on the current default app and select the app which you want to use.


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The Final option is Set Defaults By App is an extensive method to manage the default apps. By using this option, you can set the particular app for all file types and protocols which can be opened by that particular app.

Just select the apps displayed on the left side of the window, choose the required option given on the bottom – right side of the window and click OK.


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You can choose the method which is convenient for you and manage few or all the default apps as per requirement.


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