Microsoft account is a perfect and reliable way to sign in different devices while using single username & password. Microsoft account allows you to keep your photos, settings, documents, people, music and videos with you everywhere just by keeping the device connected with Microsoft account. Manage Microsoft account by following a simple procedure.

microsoft account

Whether you are using Android, Windows, iOS or switch among these devices, your Microsoft account is an ultimate solution to keep your important data in your pocket. There is no need to create different account for each device. You can keep multiple hardware devices without worrying about transfer of data from one device to another.

How To Manage Microsoft Account

To manage Microsoft account is pretty simple and everyone using Microsoft account should know some basic tricks. Let’s discuss various sections to manage Microsoft account. Click here to sign in your Microsoft account. Now you can see a number of tabs such as Account, Your info, Services & subscriptions, Payment & billing and so on.

manage microsoft account

Manage Basic Information

If you want to manage basic information of your Microsoft account, click on Your info tab. You can notice a list of options, click on the link in which you want to make changes. For example, if you want to change your account name, click on Edit name, type a new name and hit save button. You can edit your personal info, billing info and even go to your Xbox or Skype profile. You can even change your account picture whenever desired.

manage microsoft account basic info

Manage Services & Subscriptions

Microsoft account lets you to get, view & manage various services and subscriptions. Get your favorite services from the list appearing on this page. You can stop automatic billing, cancel or renew subscriptions. Manage all the existing as well as new services as per your preference by accessing this tab.

manage microsoft account services and subscriptions

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manage microsoft account services and subscriptions

Manage Payment & Billing

Microsoft account enables you to make purchases of various services and payment & billing desk is available for your convenience. You can check order history, payment history, billing info and even get billing help. Select the required field which you want to manage and make amendments.

manage microsoft account payment and billing

Manage Devices

You can manage your devices which are connected with your Microsoft account. This is very important to check frequently the list of connected devices because sometimes you forget to remove the device which is no longer in use or you sell it to other person. You can remove redundant devices or the devices which you don’t use by clicking on given Remove link. View and manage various devices such as Apps & Games devices, Music devices, Movies & TV devices from a single account. Microsoft account keeps on tracing your connected devices and enables you to find your lost device.

manage microsoft account devices

Manage Family Accounts

If you have one or more local user accounts that are created for your family members or your colleagues, you can manage all those accounts from this single window. You can check the activities performed by any particular local user account. You can even block access of inappropriate websites from any of user account. Select the desired options (links) and make amendments to manage accounts of your family.

manage microsoft account family

Manage Security & Privacy

You can make changes in the security and privacy settings of your Microsoft account. If you want to change the password of your Microsoft account, make more security, manage child account’s permissions, access this tab and make changes. It is recommended to manage the security and privacy settings frequently to keep your account more safe.

manage microsoft account family

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allow block websites access microsoft account

This is how you can control and manage multiple devices, services, subscriptions and security settings from a single window using single username & password.


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