Manage Multiple Gmail Account Alerts With Gmail Notifier


Gmail is one of the most widely used email service these days. So If you have more than one account with gmail, it would be a tedious task for you to check each account individually. For making this task easy Gmail Notifier is an ideal solution for you. Gmail runs in background and check your accounts for new messages after regular intervals and alerts you when a new mail arrives in your inbox.  Also, you can read email headers, delete emails or mark them as read. Gmail Notifier can check up to 5 Gmail accounts.


  • Counter of unread emails
  • Sound and tray icon alerts
  • Read email headers
  • Delete or ‘Mark read’ emails
  • Multiple accounts support
  • IMAP connectivity over SSL
  • Support for UTF-8 emails

File Size :- 2.5 MB
License  :- Freeware
Version  :- Gmail Notifier
Homepage :-