How To Manage The Start Menu In Windows 10 Operating System

The Start menu is a user interface element of Microsoft Windows. It is used to find all the programs and Apps installed on your Windows 10. Apart from this, settings and files of the system are also accessible from the start menu. On Windows 10, Start menu is of different style as compared to Windows 7 and 8.1.

Start menu is accessed by pressing Windows button from the keyboard.  And also by clicking on the start button on the bottom left corner of the desktop or by pressing CTRL+ Esc key. You can manage the Start Menu of your desktop running Windows 10 as per your choice and need.

Steps to manage Start menu in Windows 10:

Initially, navigate the Settings of your desktop and then click on the Personalization option.


There will be a list of options on the left pane. Click on Start tab. On the right pane, a list of options will appear to manage the Start menu in Windows 10.
























First option on the right pane  is “show more tiles”, if you turn on this option then more tiles are displayed in the Start menu.


Windows 10 displays ads of games and Apps on Start menu. These ads are the suggestions for the users to install free and paid Apps. These suggestions take up valuable space on your Start menu. If you want to disable these suggestions, then turn off the option “Occasionally show suggestions in Start”.



The next option is “Show most used Apps”. It is good to keep this option “ON” because it enables you to check most used Apps quickly but you can change this setting as per your choice.



Furthermore, If you want to see newly installed programs and apps separately in Windows 10  the turn “ON” the option “Show recently added apps”. You can check newly added Apps under Recently added tab.

    manage-start-menu-1111    manage-start-menu-8

You will see the Start menu in your Windows 10 on the full screen if you turn “ON” the second last toggle option from the list.


manage-start-menu-10You can access recently opened files from the jump list on the Start menu or the taskbar if you turn “ON” the last toggle option i.e. “Show recently opened items in Jump lists on Start or the taskbar”.      manage-start-menu-11

To check recently opened files right click on the Program displaying on the taskbar.  manage-start-menu-14

Finally, click on the link “Choose which folder appear on Start” and  Then select or deselect the folders from the list which you want to see in the Start Menu.



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  1. Is there a way to save the tile’s setup window so if a restore is necessary, the tiles can be reloaded from an external file? This will allow a consistent design


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