How To Manage Storage Location Of Files In Windows 10

Windows 10 enables you to easily change the default storage location of your files and apps. This feature was also available in Windows 7 and 8.1 but the procedure was a little bit different. Microsoft has made it much more easier in Windows 10.

The idea of keeping your personal files separate from the partition that contains your operating system keeps your files safe from the chance of being lost in case of system failure.Even when you use SSD (Solid State Drive) with limited storage capacity, you need to save your files in the different hard disk to manage the space of your desktop.

Steps to change the default files storage location in Windows 10

First of all, access the Settings of your desktop. Start Menu > Settings


Now click on the very first option i.e. System.


Furthermore, click on the Storage tab on the left pane. You will see the storage information of your desktop on the right pane.


Now scroll down to the Save Locations section on the right pane and use the drop down menus to change the storage location for each type of file (Apps, documents, music, photos and movies).

change-file-storage-location-4   change-file-storage-location-5

Note:- This setting will change the storage location of new files only.

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