As network storage devices and resources are getting affordable. Sharing network resources in your office network setup or at your home network is now must for all. You can map network resources like a file server, network drive & share folders on network and give them a drive letter so that you can access it in windows file explorer just like other local drive partition on your windows pc.

There is a lot of benefit of using network drive because friends, co-workers, etc can easily share the files or data on the go without waiting and the administrators can regulate who can access the network drive. So, without wasting any time let’s see How to Map Network Drive in Windows 10 with the help of the below-listed troubleshooting guide.

If you are unable to map network drive in windows 10, then you can use our simple guide to map network resources in windows OS.

Three ways to Map a Network drive in Windows 10

map network drive in windows 10


Map Network Drive using File Explorers

1.Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer, make sure to navigate to File Explorer.
2. From the ribbon menu, click on Computer.

3. Then click on Map Network Drive under Network.

windows 10 map network drive letter

4. Select the drive letter you want to use for the network folder, then click Browse.

5. Navigate to the folder which you want to map then click OK.
6. Now click Finish in order to complete the process.
7. This mapped network drive will appear in This PC and if you want to remove this drive, simply right-click on the drive and select Disconnect.

Map Network Drive using Command Prompt

map network drive using command prompt windows 10

1. Press Windows Key + X then select Command Prompt (Admin).

2.Type the following command into cmd and hit Enter:

net use x: /persistent: yes \servernameshare

Note: Replace x: with the drive letter you want to assign.

3. Also, if you want to use the username & password then use the following command:

net use x: \\servername\sharename /user username password

4. Now in order to make this connection to the shared folder permanent i.e. the network drive stays even after a restart, you need to use the following command:

net use x: /persistent: yes \\servername\sharename /user username password

5. In future, if you want to delete a particular mapped network drive or delete all of the mapped network drives use the following commands:

net user:/delete (Fordeletingaparticularmappednetworkdrivewithletterx)

net use * /delete (For deleting all of the mapped network drives)

Map Network Drive using PowerShell

You can also do this using the PowerShell 3.0 here is the equivalent command in PowerShell for what we did in the explorer:

map network drive using powershell 3 windows 10

New-PSDrive -Name P -PSProvider FileSystem -Root “\\Server01\Public” -Credential user\domain -Persist

Obviously, the powerful PowerShell also has a cmdlet that supports SMB shares beginning in PowerShell 3.

New-PSDrive -Name drive-letter -PSProvider FileSystem -Root \server\sharefile -Persist

How to Disconnect Mapped Network drive in Windows 10

Once you are done with the drive mapped and you want to disconnect the network drive, simply right-click on the mapped drive letter in file explorer and select Disconnect.



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