MediaRing Talk allows you to make free PC to PC calls worldwide. It is very easy to use, absolutely no charges and above all unlimited! All the time you will experience outstanding audio quality irrespective of whom and where you are calling.

PC to Phone calls (MRTalk Out)

MediaRing Talk offers a convenient and inexpensive means to call any phone number – fixed or mobile; in the world using its PC-to-Phone (MRTalk Out) feature. The rates are highly competitive, no commitments and above all the call quality is great! Find out more about the rates.

Instant Messaging with Presence

With MediaRing Talk, let your contacts know of your availability with the presence indicator, you can know theirs too! Initiate a text chat instantly with anyone anywhere and with more than one contact at anytime. Exchange unlimited text messages.

Multi-User Voice Conferencing

MediaRing Talk allows you to setup a conference call with up to 5 participants – on demand! No prior reservation required. Within a conference call you can have a mix of your online contacts and 1 contact who can be reached only on their fixed or mobile phone numbers.

File Size :- 5.70 MB
License :- Freeware
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