While the large organisations and developers are concerned about fixing the security issues with regular updates in order to provide protection to the users of the software, Microsoft has just released AI Security Risk Detection tool which will let them find out the security vulnerabilities and other bugs before the actual release of the product.

This AI powered tool, will help the developers find a bug, scale it out automatically with the power of the cloud. Consequently, it will prevent developers as well as companies from releasing buggy software as it gets time-consuming process when the security experts find out severe issues in the dedicated software, patch the bugs or respond to the attacks.

Microsoft AI Security Risk Detection

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As per Microsoft

“Microsoft Security Risk Detection, previously known as Project Springfield, is a cloud-based tool that developers can use to look for bugs and other security vulnerabilities in the software they are preparing to release or use. The tool is designed to catch the vulnerabilities before the software goes out the door, saving companies the heartache of having to patch a bug, deal with crashes or respond to an attack after it has been released.”

Moreover, the idea of latest AI Security Risk Detection technique is based on the traditional technique, dubbed as Fuzz testing.

“The companies have traditionally hired security experts to do this kind of work, which is called fuzz testing, if they did it at all. As the sheer volume of software that companies create and use has increased, it’s gotten harder to keep up with the dizzying pace of testing so much software – but more important than ever to keep systems safe from attackers” said David Molnar researcher at the Microsoft.

In Fuzz testing, the security experts get hired for performing investigation in various software and look for vulnerabilities that can cause malicious attacks and system crash. After finding bugs, developers use tools to root out those bugs or mitigate the risks.

On the other hand, in the latest Microsoft Security Risk Detection service, the artificial intelligence put a series of “what if” questions to rectify the security bugs that may stake the security of the system on which the dedicated software get installed.

The DocuSign company have already signed up and deployed Microsoft Risk Detection trial and declare that the tool is indeed helpful to find potential bugs as they used to sign documents electronically which needs extra security.

Heasman, the senior director of software security at DocuSign said that DocuSign used Microsoft Security Risk Detection to look for bugs and vulnerabilities in software it had bought or licensed and wanted to incorporate into its particularly software involved with handling documents uploaded to the platform, which could contain malicious content. The goal was to identify problems proactively and avoid potential attacks.

The developers can sign up on Microsoft Security Risk Detection website. All the details about Windows version of AI powered security tool and the Linux preview can be accessed after signing up. Microsoft tool will hopefully start to sell this security tool in late summer via Microsoft Services.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get this AI powered security tool for Windows or Linux systems. If you experience this tool, let us know how you feel about using this unique tool.


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