Microsoft Announced Windows Insider Program for Business: Here’s How to Access it

Microsoft team has announced the special Windows Insider Program for business, which they have co-created with the help of IT Professional Windows Insiders. Some of the IT professionals around the world are have shown their interest to participate in shaping the future of Windows 10 features used in corporate world.

Windows Insider Program for Business

Microsoft has enabled the option to join the Windows Insider Program using corporate credentials due to the requests received from Insiders. There would be no need to use personal Microsoft Account while joining this program.

After getting frequent requests from IT Pros of big companies, Windows Insider Team embarked on this program. The overarching trends of issues faced while deploying Windows 10 in organizations can only be rectified if the IT Pros make contribution by significant feedbacks as they are the only ones who can suggest appropriate changes or addition of new features for business.

Microsoft stated in its blog

“Windows Insider for Business participants partner with the Windows Development Team to discover and create features, infuse innovation, and plan for what’s around the bend. We’ve architected some great features together, received amazing feedback, and we’re not done!”

To Access Windows Insider Program for Business

In order to access Insider Program for Business, just visit Windows Insider Program site and hit the tab “For Business”. Now register your corporate credentials.

Note: The users must register the corporate account in Azure Active Directory (AAD).

After registration, enroll your Windows 10 PC to get latest Insider Preview Builds available in the Fast and Slow Rings. You should be signed with Administrator privileges and should have updated PC. To enroll:

• Go to Settings \ Updates & Security \ Windows Insider Program.
• Click on “Get Started” and enter corporate credentials and follow on-screen instructions.

Windows Insider Program enables professionals to increase their skills, as it associates them to the new Microsoft Tech Community that passes on the important information as well as experience of other IT Pros. This will definitely help to make them more proficient for their organizations.

If you are interested to make suggestions for Windows 10 business features, enroll your PC now and share your opinions with Insider Program Team.

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