Windows 10 Build 14997: Microsoft Edge with Blocked Flash by Default

Microsoft Edge, the default web browser of Windows 10 comes with integrated flash player. No doubt Adobe Flash Player is now days seen as sign of bad omen because of it’s never ending security issues and vulnerabilities. That is the reason why upcoming Windows 10 build 14997 will automatically block flash player in Microsoft Edge. Now there will be no need to disable the flash manually.

block flash player in Microsoft Edge

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The Edge users will be able to choose Flash for any site they want visit. Microsoft is aiming to make improvements to its prominent browser Edge more than IE. Because of which this feature will only available in Edge to promote it in the vast market.

This change makes sense as other giant browser companies such as Google, Mozilla and Apple are also drawing back from Flash Player as it is vulnerable to threats which can compromise the security of system. Besides this, Flash impacts on the battery life of laptops and other portable devices.

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The additional improvements are also available in Edge with Windows 10 build 14997 which are related to management of various tabs. The exceptional feature which block flash player in Microsoft Edge by default is aiming to focus on HTML5 technology.

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