Microsoft is becoming more concerned about the Windows 10 security as cyber-attacks are increasing drastically. The attackers are targeting Windows systems by using exploits. The arena of cyber security has become more sophisticated than ever before, therefore there’s the need to enhance Windows security to keep the worldwide systems secure.

The advanced security features of upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators update aims at Microsoft’s top priority that is to provide most secure Windows ever. This new Windows 10 update is expected to be launched in September 2017.

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As per reports, in Redstone 3 Update, SMBv1 will no longer exist as WannaCry ransomware impacted the whole world using this file sharing protocol.

However, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection was specially engineered to detect, investigate and respond to massive security threats but now Microsoft is targeting to prevent from rapid pace cyber threats. Therefore, the integration of Windows Defender ATP and Windows Defender Exploit Guard is engineered for smart prevention capabilities.

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Highlights of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Security Features

  • All the advanced data science, automation, machine learning and behavioral analysis capability used at one place to develop AI-driven antivirus.
  • Windows security stack will be powered by Microsoft’s cloud-based security intelligence.
  • In order to detect the behavior of malware and to protect Windows 10 systems, the wide range of cloud services, including Azure, Office, and Endpoint will be used.
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard lets users control the code running on their machines more efficiently along with providing tools to mitigate the exploits. Moreover, it will also block websites hosting malicious codes.
  • Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit helps companies to apply advanced vulnerabilities mitigation on old applications even without recompiling them.
  • Single pane of glass experience that allows SecOps to control the attacks more quickly. SmartScreen alerts and events let SecOps access in case any person within the same network clicked on buggy URL.
  • Added more advanced detection, investigation and response capabilities to the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
  • The new security analytic view lets the company have the look on possible vulnerabilities and areas that are prone to security threats.

All the above highlights are indicating the next generation of Windows 10 security. In addition, Microsoft will add more security features in every update to provide more security to Windows users.

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