Microsoft Event: Announced New Hardware And Features For Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft at it’s October event made number of announcements ranging from New hardware products to various new features for Windows 10. In hardware section Microsoft has released an All-in-one PC dubbed as “Surface Studio”. A new weird input device “Surface Dial” and Surface Book i7 laptop.  Microsoft also showcased it’s new surface keyboard and Mouse with VR Headset.

New features announced for upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update includes 3D Paint, Virtual reality support,  Xbox live streaming Windows people.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is going to launch a major Windows 10 update in the beginning of 2017 which is crowned with the name “Creators Update”. Microsoft has revealed highlights of this update. This update will include live streaming, new 3D creation tools and new featured Xbox app. The last but not the least is that there is an interesting feature in this new update that is focusing on the contacts who matters a lot to you, by putting these to the taskbar.


Surface Studio

The Surface Studio is the latest, high quality All-In-One (AIO) desktop computer with multi touch display. The AIO is only 12.5 mm thick and has Intel i7 processor. It supports up to 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage. Apart from this, the Studio has 28 inch Pixel Sense display and zero gravity hinge. The cost of the Surface Studio is $2,999.


Surface Dial

The Surface Dial is an input device developed for the Microsoft’s new Surface products. This device enables the users to select the items directly placing and twisting on the screen. The dial will cost $99.99.

Microsoft Surface Dial

Surface Book i7

Microsoft has not revealed the full features of Surface Book i7. But the highlighted features include a long life battery (16 hour), extra fan to cool up the system and much more graphic power than the previous model. The Surface Book i7 will cost $2,399.


Windows People

Life is becoming hectic these days and people don’t get time to interact with their near & dear ones. Microsoft has tried to resolve this communication problem in the Creators Update with Windows People. With this update the users will be able to put the contacts of love ones directly to the taskbar. The users can drag & drop the contents and 3D objects to the contacts on the taskbar.


Windows VR Headsets

Microsoft claims that Windows VR headsets will enable you to experience virtual reality environment without doing much efforts in setting up the complicated system. As per Microsoft, the other partners like HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo and Acer will prepare the VR headsets. This VR headset will cost $299.


Xbox Live Streaming

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, the live broadcasting feature will allow you to follow other live friends and notify your friends & other members in your network. The feature of comments and suggestions from the viewers will make it more interesting.


3D Paint

Microsoft Paint is the favorite app of  kids. Now it’s going to become the favorite one of everyone whether he is kid, young or old age person. Microsoft has re launched this legacy app by transforming it into a 3D tool. This new app lets you to show your creativity in 3D look. The users can draw simple to complicated objects in a user friendly app and share their work with others.


All these latest products will change the scenario of work places and homes. After knowing about these astonishing features, you can never restrict yourself to buy at least one of these products.

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