Microsoft is rolling out a fix for Outlook syncing bug. As per recent reports, some of the users were facing problems while syncing their Outlook accounts with apps and smartphones. Although the root causes of this issue are not known so far, the availability of fix is the good news for account users.

Outlook Syncing Bug

Hopefully this fix will resolve the problem soon and users having trouble while synchronizing their Outlook accounts will get rid of this issue. This issue was occurring since last week and it prevents users to access and sync their accounts with smartphones.

Microsoft is suggesting users to login using a web browser if they are still facing same issue while accessing their accounts via mobile devices. As per heat map of Down Detector, most of the issues are being reported by users in Europe.

Let’s wait for the next news update about this bug fixing. As per expectations, Microsoft will soon find out the root causes of this issue and enable all the users of Outlook account to access and sync the accounts from any of the devices.


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