Microsoft OneDrive storage offer switched from unlimited to 1TB per user

Microsoft’s OneDrive storage was unlimited for some of the fortune users from a couple of year while the chunk of users were misusing the cloud space by uploading large amount of data unnecessarily such as movies and non-important data. Microsoft has now decided to downgrade the offer to 1 TB per user data instead of unlimited one. This is implemented from 1st March, but still some of the OneDrive users are claiming that they are getting same amount of storage space on the cloud. It seems that it will take few more ours to limit the storage capacity of the users around.

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage service

Microsoft offered unlimited cloud storage to Office 365 subscribers and they started to abuse the facility. This persuades the Microsoft to think over and to revert back the misuse of OneDrive storage by limiting the storage capacity of everyone. Now users are getting notifications in their account stating that this new norm would be implemented from March 1, 2017.

You don’t need to get worried if you have uploaded more than 1TB of data, as the Microsoft is not going to delete your additional data. Everyone would have the time period of 3 months in order to shift the data to other storage place.

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This is a matter of concern for those users who were not abusing the unlimited storage facility and storing their important data on OneDrive. Now they have to rely on other cloud services side by side instead of just keeping their data safe on one platform.
The feedbacks of users will let us know how many users actually get affected.

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