As reported in preview of May 2011 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released two security bulletins this month. Out of these two One is reported “Critical” and other as “Important”. From this month onward Microsoft has adopted a new exploitability index rating which was announced by Microsoft last week.



MS11-035 / KB2524426 – Rated – Critical – This security vulnerability is privately reported and affects windows Internet Name Service (WINS). This vulnerability could allow a remote code execution if a hacker deceive the user to run an especially crafted malware file on systems running WINS service.

WINS service is similar to DNS (DOMAIN NAME SERVICE) as it resolves the name in NETBIOS protocol. WINS service is not installed by default.

Affects – Windows 2003 Server, MS Windows 2008 Server, MS Windows Server 2008 R2.

MS11-036 / KB2545814 – Rated – Important – This bulletin fixes two privately reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft PowerPoint. This vulnerability is can be exploited with the help of malicious MS PowerPoint presentation. Hacker can get system rights equivalent to the user.

All version of Microsoft PowerPoint except new Office 2010 for both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows are not affected.

Affects – MS Office 2003, Office XP, Office 2007, Office 2004 for Mac, Office 2008 for Mac


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