Microsoft Rolling out Windows 10 20H1 Insider Preview build 18941 for Fast Ring Insiders

Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18941 as part of the “20H1” development for Fast ring Insiders. There is the second “20H1”  build for Windows 10 Fast ring Insiders. This Preview build contains a huge list of changelog including improvements, fixes and known some issues. Windows Insiders can get this build 18941 and provide the feedback based on their personal experience.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17746

Like other recent preview builds, Windows 10 Build 18941 doesn’t include new features. Microsoft’s team is focusing to improve the performance of Windows 10 by fixing bugs and introducing changes. Microsoft team revealed some known issues of this build. The complete list of the changelog is published on the Windows blog. You can go through the highlights of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18941 before taking the new insider preview for the current development cycle. Microsoft has also released the Windows 10  “20H1”  Insider Preview build 18922 for the user on Fast Ring.

List of General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

Updating the Korean IME: Earlier in this development cycle, we released updated versions of both the Chinese and Japanese IMEs. As part of our ongoing efforts to modernize and improve your typing experience in Windows, today we’re rolling out an updated version of the Korean IME to all Insiders in the Fast ring. This update is going out with the goal of making the IME more secure, reliable, and more beautiful to look at.
• We fixed an issue resulting in some users experiencing a large amount of lag when using the previous flight.
• We fixed an issue where explorer.exe would crash if you started a File Explorer search while in a OneDrive folder.
• We fixed an issue where if you searched for advanced Windows Update options, the search result would open to the main Windows Update Settings page, rather than the advanced ones.
• We fixed an issue where Settings would crash if you clicked on the microphone section under Privacy Settings while audio recording was in progress by a Win32 application.

Known Issues in Windows 10 Build 18941

• If you have attempted to install Build 18936 or Build 18941 and experienced install failures with error code c1900101 – see below section regarding this issue.
• There has been an issue with older versions of anti-cheat software used with games where after updating to the latest 19H1 Insider Preview builds may cause PCs to experience crashes. We are working with partners on getting their software updated with a fix, and most games have released patches to prevent PCs from experiencing this issue. To minimize the chance of running into this issue, please make sure you are running the latest version of your games before attempting to update the operating system. We are also working with anti-cheat and game developers to resolve similar issues that may arise with the 20H1 Insider Preview builds and will work to minimize the likelihood of these issues in the future.
• Some Realtek SD card readers are not functioning properly. We are investigating the issue.
• Tamper Protection may be turned off in Windows Security after updating to this build. You can turn it back on. In August, Tamper Protection will return to being on by default for all Insiders.
• On occasion, the candidate selection in prediction candidate window for the Japanese IME doesn’t match with the composition string. We are investigating the issue.

Download Windows 10 build 18941

Although there are no ISO files for Windows 10 build 18941, the update is available immediately through the Fast ring. This preview build will download and install automatically on your device, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, and clicking the Check for updates button.

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