Microsoft Schools Program: Transform Education Methods by Integrating Technology

Microsoft is trying to transform education methods with the introduction of specially designed program, called as Microsoft Schools Program. Microsoft team is excited to transform classrooms and empower everyone with the technology. This program will help the teachers to increase their passion of teaching and students will also get new approaches to learn things.

Microsoft schools program

Microsoft is inviting to join Microsoft Schools Program. If you are in a school, you might want to transform the ordinary classrooms into digital one by integrating technology. Learning and leading is the main vision behind all the Microsoft Schools. Innovative techniques are essential to be implemented in order to achieve success in education sector.

In Microsoft Education Blog, the meaning of being Microsoft School is stated in clear and meaningful words

“Being a Microsoft School means we are part of a really big international network of teachers with the same purpose, and facing the same difficulties. This means we solve problems at a faster rate, and so we can radiate the answers to all schools in the neighborhood (which can be as large as the country) in our own language.” – Nicolas Waeffler, Lycée Maurice Ravel, France.

Join Microsoft Schools Program and receive exclusive benefits

You can register to join Microsoft Schools Program and receive wide range of benefits as follows:

• Global recognition of your school due to enrollment in Microsoft and Showcase School list which gets updated regularly.
• The facility for school leaders to enroll via Microsoft’s social channel, Yammer. This channel will enable you to connect with other leaders of more than 1,000 Microsoft Schools on a global level.
• Provision of guide which is filled with assets and resources for the support of school leaders.
• Opportunity to get early updates on latest products and offers.
• Get organized resources for educators from Microsoft Educator Community.
• Receive monthly e-newsletter full of Teaching and Leading resources provided by Microsoft.
• Get the chance of participation in quarterly global connect calls.

Microsoft is encouraging educators and schools’ leaders to grab the opportunity of being a part of various education programs. After joining Microsoft Schools Program, the educators will get the training for professional development, curriculum ideas and various resources from Microsoft Educator Community. They can also get recognition as a global leader.

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