Microsoft Terminates Support for Windows Vista after Completion of a Decade

Windows Vista Operating System was introduced in January 30, 2007 and after the completion of a decade, Microsoft ceases to support it. The users, who are still using Windows Vista, need to upgrade their OS if they want to keep their systems secure against threats. From now onwards Microsoft will not issue any kind of updates and security patches to its users. Now Windows Vista is vulnerable to security threats and it is not recommended to use insecure system which can compromise your important data.

Windows Vista terminated by Microsoft

The mainstream support for Vista was terminated in 2012 yet the extended support for service pack 2 continued for five more years. The period of five year is completed now and now there is no extension for the support given from Microsoft.

This decision of Microsoft will not impact on more Windows users as only 0.72 % users are currently using this OS worldwide. Other Operating Systems such as Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 are in trends in these days. This Operating system was not as much successful as it should be. Even its predecessor Windows XP is being used by 7.44% Windows users.

Windows Vista was developed in the intention to provide more secure systems. Microsoft launched six editions of Windows Vista (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate) to meet the requirements of different categories of the people. It didn’t grab larger market share as compared to other Operating Systems. Microsoft team were working to improve this OS but then Windows 7 was launched which was adopted by more users.

Moreover, Windows 10 is in the hypes in these days as it is more secure OS and the series of remarkable features of Creators Update is serving as an icing on the cake. The creators and other users are upgrading their system in order to experience Operating System that is full of creative features.

If you are still using Windows Vista, you are suggested to upgrade your OS to secure one.

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