Miro 2.5

Miro is an Open Source HD Video Player which can play almost any video file.The user interface is simple and effective which is specially designed for full screen HD video viewing.The built-in Miro Guide connects you via internet to thousands of free High Definition video shows. Miro downloads video fast and stores it on your local computer for a level of quality that is often impossible on streaming video websites (even the ones that call themselves ‘HD’). The video podcasts are taken a step forward that iTunes by enabling user to subscribe to BitTorrent RSS feeds.

Some of the changes in Miro 2.5

    • Miro 2.5 launches 2 – 4 times faster (especially for users with lots of videos and feeds)
    • New audio podcast section of the Miro Guide
    • Better interface for audio playback
    • Button to download from YouTube when you add as sidebar site – also see: 4 ways to download files (including torrents) from websites inside Miro
    • Smarter handling of bittorrent files, especially videos
    • New Library interface with ‘Video’, ‘Audio’, and ‘Other’ sections
    • New keyboard shortcuts for virtually all functions (great for programming a remote control)
      Interface polish and refinement
    • Easier hacking: the database layer was rewritten to use a simplified SQLite schema and we’ve created a new developer documentation site

    File Size :- 28.50 MB
    License  :- Open Source (Freeware)
    Version  :- Miro 2.5
    Homepage :-


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