In a latest announcement Mozilla has decided to end support for Windows XP and Vista by September 2017. This announcement is a predictable one keeping in mind, that Microsoft has abandoned these operating systems and is not releasing any security patches for these Windows versions.

Other browsers like Google Chrome has also stopped releasing further update to its browser. Mozilla is latest to join the league. Without security updates, Firefox is vulnerable to exploits and threats. It is not recommended to use this browser on unsupported Operating Systems.

Mozilla to end Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista

The extension of 9 months period is going to give you ample amount of time to make your upgrade plan and shift from abandoned Operating systems. You will continue to receive regular Firefox security patches during this particular period without any extra efforts.

Mozilla is strongly trying to encourage Firefox users to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Windows. This intention of Mozilla Company is not wrong because the upgraded features of Firefox will not compatible to these two legacy Windows. To take the advantage of latest features of this browser you should have latest Windows version.

According to Mozilla, “Windows XP and Vista users will automatically be moved to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) in approximately March, 2017”. The ESR version of Mozilla Firefox is specially designed for schools, colleges, universities and businesses.

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In the year of 2016, many renowned browser companies declared to end support for Windows XP and Vista, but Firefox is still supporting these two Operating Systems. Although Mozilla has announced the deadline to support outdated OS, but still has decided to reconsider whether there are a significant number of users related to Windows XP and Vista after the deadline of September 2017. After reassessing, Mozilla will take final decision about to end Firefox support or to extend the time period for these outdated OS.


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