Mozilla firefox does’t like Strict Daddy Apple

 Firefox ios conflict

CEO of Mozilla Firefox, which is one of the top browser currently, has ruled out possibility of firefox app for iOS platform coming soon. Not before Apple relaxes some rules which does’t allow third party browsers to become default browsers and they are allowed to user webkit rendering engine and javascript engine of there choice.

Currently third party browsers are forced to use Apple’s built in WebKit rendering engine and slower version of Apple’s Nitro JavaScript Engine. This makes Apple’s Mobile Safari the top mobile browser , with about 60 percent share of all mobile browser usage.

The announcement was made by Mozilla vice president Jay Sillivan, speaking at the mobile browser wars panel at SXSW Interactive.

The sticking point for Mozilla is not being able to carry over its sophisticated rendering and javascript engines to iOS. Essentially, the organization doesn’t feel like it can build the browser it wants to for Apple’s platform.

This can be termed as  unfair practice being adopted by Apple but still some companies like Google , Opera and Dolphin have developed some excellent browsers of iOS platform.

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