How To Open Relative Command Prompt And Explorer Window Quickly

Microsoft Windows has provided lots of shortcut methods to perform various tasks and these shortcuts dramatically increase your productivity. If you are passionate to speed up your work then you need to know these useful tricks. If you want open relative Command Prompt and Explorer windows quickly, you should try a quicken method.

Just avoid using a long & normal method of opening Command Prompt by navigating Start menu and try something new. Even while working on Command Prompt, you can switch to Explorer window by using a single command. Isn’t it interesting ?


Tricks to open relative Command Prompt and Explorer Window quickly

If Explorer Window is active on your computer and you want to open Command Prompt then just type “cmd” in the address bar and hit the enter. The Command Prompt window will open quickly.

open relative command prompt & explorer window


On the other hand, if you are working on Command Prompt and need to launch Explorer Window then type “start .” or “explorer .\” command on Command Prompt window and press Enter key. The Explorer Window will appear that shows the contents of active Command Prompt.


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Although there are also another methods to perform the same functions but those are not super fast. Some of Windows users are stick to the old methods but some of the geek users always engage themselves in finding interesting ways to perform different tasks of the computer. They try learn something different on each & every day.

You can also open the Explorer window by clicking on the explorer icon on the Taskbar if it is pinned to it or by using a shortcut key from your keyboard that is “Windows key +E“. But don’t forget to try interesting tricks that are not commonly used by everyone.

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