opera_105Opera Software has released Opera 10.50, termed as “The world’s fastest browser for Windows”. The latest browser includes a sleek and refined new design, now there is more room for displaying content to user. The new Opera menu button replaces the traditional menu bar, so you have a single-point to access all of Opera’s groundbreaking features.

A new JavaScript engine, Carakan is included along with a new graphics library, Vega which empowers the browser to load website at a faster speed.

Private browsing feature is there to ensure that there are no traces of your online activities left behind. All the browsing history and temporary files are deleted as soon as you close the private browsing window.

Opera 10.50 includes improved standards support for HTML5 and CSS3, giving Web designers the tools they need to make eye-catching Web applications that work on completely open technologies.

File Size :- 9.38 MB
License  :- Freeware
Version  :- 10.50
Homepage :-
Opera Software
Download  :- Opera 10.50



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