Windows 10 provides you a quick tool to open websites directly from your taskbar. For this, you need to pin up the address bar to the taskbar and the default browser is automatically launched whenever you fill the URL of website and hit Enter key.

Besides this, you can also launch the desktop apps by using the address bar. For example if you want to launch Command Prompt then just type cmd in the address bar. The Command Prompt will be launched.

Difference Between Windows Search Box And Address Bar

Although address bar tool is just like search box of Windows yet there is a difference between both. Windows search box enables you to launch all apps but an address bar is basically used to open web pages and to launch only system apps.

How To Pin Up Address Bar On The Taskbar In Windows 10

Right click on the empty area of the taskbar and go to the Toolbar option.

pin up address bar to taskbar in Windows 10
Click on Address option from the list. The address bar will automatically pin up to the taskbar.

pin up address bar in Windows 10

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pin up address bar to taskbar in Windows 10

You can use this address bar just as the address bar of your browser. You can also check the recently opened URLs by accessing the drop down list on address bar. If you no longer need this address bar at any point of time, you can unpin this from the taskbar in the same manner.


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