How To Pin Or Unpin a Program To Taskbar in Windows 10

Taskbar is the bar, located at the bottom side of the desktop screen. Mainly, the taskbar allows you access all the opened programs as well as check the basic information like internet connection status, date & time etc., but you can also use the taskbar to pin the programs which are used frequently by you.


If you pin up your favorite program to the taskbar of the Windows 10, then you don’t need to find this in the Start Menu. You can speed up your work by accessing the programs from the taskbar.

Steps to pin or unpin the program to/from the taskbar on Windows 10

  • Click on the start button of your Desktop.  The Start Menu will appear as given below.



  • You will see all the programs of your Windows 10. You can select the program from the list and also find a particular program by typing the name of the program in the Ask me anything search box, given on the bottom area. For example, if you want to pin Microsoft Excel to the taskbar then find it from the list.


  • Now right click on the program and then a list of options will appear. Just click on second last option i.e. “Pin to taskbar”.


  • Now you can see that particular program on the taskbar and can access it when required.


  • If you want to remove / unpin the program from the taskbar, then simply right click on the program and click on the last option i.e. “Unpin from taskbar”.


You can manage the order of multiple programs on the taskbar of Windows 10 desktop by click and drag the programs.

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