PortableApps.com Platform 2.0 Beta 3 Released

PortableApps.com Platform which let you run your favorite software from USB Disk without installing them on to your system has released a Beta 3 version. This test version has many improvements  like theme switching,automatic starting of apps,app hiding and some performance enhancing.

Latest Features

  • Support for theme switching
  • Support for 120dpi in Windows Vista and 7
  • Ability to set menu transparency
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • You can move most-used apps to the top of the menu
  • Faster menu loading times
  • Check flash drive for errors
  • Uninstall apps through a right-click context menu
  • Configure apps to automatically run when the menu loads
  • Support for PCs with more than one monitor


File Size :- 1.5 MB
Version  :- PortableApps.com  2.0 Beta 3
License  :- Open Source ( Freeware )
Homepage :-

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