Preview March 2013 Patch Tuesday by Microsoft

Microsoft has released Advance Notification for Upcoming Patch Tuesday March 2013. This month seven security bulletins are released for various Microsoft products. Out of which four are rated as “Critical” and “three” are Important.


The Critical bulletins address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Office, and Microsoft Server Software. The three Important-rated bulletins will address issues in Microsoft Windows and Office. Two of the security update defiantly requires system restart.

Bulletin One takes care of Remote Code Execution (REC) vulnerability in Microsoft Windows and Internet explorer and is rated “Critical” in severity score. System reboot is compulsory after patching this vulnerability. Bulletin Two is again a Remote Code Execution (REC) vulnerability in Microsoft Silverlight. Bulleting Three is again REC security hole but in Microsoft Office product. Bulletin four is another critical security issue of Elevation of Privilege in Microsoft office and Microsoft Server Software.  Bulletin five and six again works around Microsoft office product line with security issues rated as “Important”.

The last bulletin seven is rated as “Important” and is a Elevation of Privilege security issue in Microsoft Windows Product line products ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8 all are seemed to be impacted by this vulnerability.

We recommend you review the ANS summary page for more information that will help you prepare for bulletin testing and deployment.

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