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  1. DigitalRiser.Com is not responsible or liable for any software obtained through DigitalRiser.Com. DigitalRiser.Com does not own or make claim to any of the software presented. Any complaints or problems should be directed to the individual authors, publishers or company.
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All reasonable steps will be taken to maintain the privacy of users on this site. DigitalRiser.Com does not collect personally identifiable data for visitors to this site. Nor does the DigitalRiser.Com use cookies, however third party advertisers may use cookies from time to time.

Any information which is collected is only provided to third parties in cumulative form. An example of such ‘cumulative’ information is: 100,000 visitors accessed the home page last week. This site, DigitalRiser.Com, uses the third party advertisers for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To do this, advertisers will often collect anonymous data (not your name, passwords, phone numbers or address through the use of cookies. If you want to opt out of our third-party advertiser’s

Google Adsense ’s use of cookies, please visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy.