Psensor – Hardware Temperature Monitoring Tool For Linux

Sometimes you might experience performance drop in your desktop and you need tool to monitor the real-time temperature of various components of your pc like Motherboard, Hard Drive, CPU etc. There are lot of utilities for Windows Operating System. But what if you need the same software for Linux Operating System let say Ubuntu.

Psensor is one such pc temperature monitoring software you should install on your Linux operating system. The software can read real-time temperature from sensors of your motherboard and cpu. It also supports NVidia GPUs but you require NVidia library XNVCtrl for this purpose. Speed of your cpu fan is calculated by usingĀ  lm-sensors.


The color of each sensor can be changed by clicking on the corresponding color cell of the information table in the right panel of the window. The background color of the graph can be changed by clicking on the graph.

Download Psensor from here [link]

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  1. Hi,
    upon installing psensor the diffrent temperatures are not yet specifi to each component and I have to name them (it says 1, 2, 3, 4). Which is which?


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