Reliance Jio 1GBPS Broadband Service: Step Towards Creation Of Digital India

Reliance Jio has put all other telecommunication companies into trouble with the launch of wide range of services. Recently Reliance Jio gave the shock to the industry with its wireless 4G services in India. It seems that Reliance Jio is seriously working on Modi’s dream of “Digital India”. Reliance has taken greater market share instantly in the telecommunication industry.

The service of Reliance Jio received mixed comments from the users. Some of the Jio users are pretty happy with the services and rests of the users are not pleased at all. Users are in conflict, saying that Reliance Jio 4G services were remarkable in the initial period but by the time passed the quality of services is deteriorating. Apart from the conflicts, the overall response for the Reliance Jio services is good. Even Reliance Jio is working to improve the 4G services.



Telecommunication industry has not even digested this shock of free 4G services so far and Reliance is ready to give one more shock. Reliance Jio 1GBPS broadband service is in the testing phase and soon will be launched. Let’s see how many bombs are going to explode by Reliance Jio in the following year.

Jio Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Services By Reliance

Modi and Reliance both are focusing to improve the standard of living and status of Indians. As Modi is taking amazing steps continuously, Reliance is also aiming to provide number of incredible services in India. About a decade ago, Reliance started to work on the prime plan based on FTTH services. And now the time has come to reveal that major plan which has turned into a great action. It’s going to provide the services which we didn’t expect so far.

Reliance, with FTTH services, assures to provide broadband services with 1GBPS speed. Fiber optics cables are already laid down as a stepping stone of  Reliance Jio 1GBPS broadband service. Now you will experience all the services which are available in all major countries but were lacking in India. Imagine what will be the status of India after this titanic change. Imaginations are about to become true. Reliance is testing FTTH services in some parts of India. Although, Reliance didn’t revealed exact date of launching FTTH services around India yet, it is expected to be launched in the following few months.

With Reliance broadband connection, the customer will get a set-top box which will work as a router and an Android smart box. Reliance Jio TV will provide 350 channels including 50 HD channels. Besides this the set-top box will also be able to connect 44 devices simultaneously and Jio server will store the Jio TV contents for seven days. Are you surprised? If you are, then don’t be. The more interesting reveals are pending yet.

Reliance is working on IoT (Internet of Things) to convert ordinary homes to smart ones. Reliance plans to provide exclusive devices like motion sensors, doorbells with camera and speakers, security systems, smoke and fire detectors. Consequently, FTTH service is going to change the whole scenario of India.

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Public Wi-Fi Services By Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is testing public Wi-Fi services in order to provide the Internet connectivity to its users while stepping out of their buildings. Reliance plans to offer some 4G tariffs for public Wi-Fi connectivity. We expect to get public Wi-Fi service from January, 2017 with the launch of commercial tariffs. Each and every corner of India will offer you an exclusive 4G service. You can access hi speed internet service and accomplish your work anywhere. There will be no need to stick to building boundaries for 4G internet connection.

Apart from this you will get Wi-Fi services in your car with the help of Jio App named as Connected Car module that will soon be available in My Jio service.

We can’t assume the limit of Reliance Jio services. We have to wait and watch what surprises are going to launch in the following year. Get ready to experience incredible services in an incredible India.

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