Reliance Jio Prime Membership Plans Announced

Reliance Jio Prime membership plans has been announced on 21st February. As per these prime plans, the subscribers will continue to get all the Jio services just by paying Rs. 303 per month. The Prime plan is only limited to existing subscribers and those who will subscribe Jio services before 31st March.

Reliance has again put all other telecom giants into trouble by creating price war. Every incumbent operator such as Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea is in a great pressure due to Reliance Jio Prime membership plans and unable to compete with Jio.

100 Million Reliance Jio users will now get one more year of free services just with Rs. 10 per day. This is said to be the extension of unlimited services by levying nominal cost.

Reliance Jio Prime plan

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Mukesh Ambani claimed, “By the end of 2017, Reliance Jio will cover 99% of the country’s population.”

Reliance is grabbing a great share of market by using smart strategies. The normal mobile user is spending over Rs. 500 per month to get the various services even with limited data and calls. On the other hand, Reliance Jio has provided free services for more than 6 months and after termination of free offers, found a new approach to attract existing as well as new Jio subscribers. The Jio user has to pay only Rs. 10 per day which is more nominal as compared to the plans of other companies.

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Highlights of Jio Prime Membership Plans

• Need to pay Rs. 99 per year for subscribing Reliance Jio Prime plan.
• To get free data and another Jio services, users need to pay Rs. 330 per month.
• The subscription for Jio Prime will start on March 1 and end on March 31.
• With the Prime plan, subscribers can avail unlimited data for the following year (1 GB daily    FUP limit).
• The users, who subscribe Jio services after 31st March, will not be the members of Jio            Prime plans.
• Subscription to Jio Prime can be done either by MyJio app or through website.    If you are unable to enrol using these methods, you can visit to Jio store and enrol yourself    as the member of Jio Prime plans.

Let’s see what would be the impact of Reliance Jio Prime Jio plans on the Jio subscribers and competitive companies.

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