Remove Frequent Folders from Quick Access in Windows 10

Have you migrated to Windows 10 Operating systems from the older Windows 7? If yes, then you might have see the Quick Access section in updated File Explorer program. Quick Access section replaces the older Favorite section in windows 7 OS.

As far as working is considered it is some what similar. Quick Access, shows you some of the most important folder in Windows 10 OS, like Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, etc. You can also access Pinned folders in Quick Access Section.

For any reason best known to you, if you want to remove frequent folders and clear recent files from quick access section, then this tutorial is for you.

How to remove Frequent Folders from Quick Access in Windows 10?

You can follow the instructions to remove recent files and frequent folders in Quick access section.

Step 1. Open Windows File Explorer . .

Step 2. Click in File -> Change folder and Search options 

Step 3. In General Tab Go to Privacy section and uncheck “Show frequently used folder in Quick access” checkbox

If you want to hide recent used files then uncheck “Show recently used files in Quick access” checkbox.

Now Click Apply and OK Button to save the changes made in this section.

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After the above settings are saved you can now unpin all the pinned folders in frequent folders in Quick Access.

Step 4. To unpin the desired folders. Just right-click on the folder and select “Unpin from Quick access”
unpin Pinned folders, frequent folders, quick access, windows 10

Show or Hide Frequently used folders in Quick Access using Registry Editor.

You can also Hide frequent folders in Quick Access by editing the windows 10 registry manually.

A word of caution is that you should always take a registry backup prior to making any changes to it.

Step 1. Click on start menu and type in command regedit.exe and press enter


Step 2.  Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

On right side panel double click on “ShowFrequent” and change the value to DWORD 00000000″ to hide the frequent folders and unhide it change the DWORD value to “00000001”

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