Restore Operating System Settings After Recovering from Virus Attack

After successfully recovering from a virus attack sometime user faces problem like some system tools are not working or a some system services are down and you are not able to restart the services. This is because the malicious software has made changes to files or processes. In this case user has no other option but to reinstall the entire system which takes precious time.

This is the same thing which happened to my system while searching for a solution I found this software “Virus Effect Remover“. This software has saved me from installing windows again. Virus Effect Remover fixed and reversed most of the problems I faced after cleaning virus with my anti-virus software.The software has a nice and very user-friendly interface which provides you various tools to check and repair specific system settings, files and features.


The tools on front page allow a user for instance to scan services, startup locations, check system files, show suspicious files, generate a process list and about a dozens of others. And that only from the main tab.

The other tabs list autorun details, process details, files and folders options, unlocker, other tools and options. Some of those, like the files and folders options display another tab bar below which demonstrates the complexity of the program.

File Size :- 18.8 MB
License  :- Freeware
Version  :-
Homepage :-
Virus Secure Lab
Download  :- Virus Effect Remover

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