So you have a small progressive company with big dreams and want to have functionality of a big and world class corporate. Then RingCentral is one company you should contact for all your corporate style Phone system. With RingCentral services you can send or receive fax online, add auto-receptionist etc., and don’t need to implement expensive and complex phone systems. The service comes with 24*7 live support.

You can greet your customer with different greeting messages according to the rule set.Your customer can select from various extensions according to the service or department he / she want to talk to. Based on answering rules, Ringcentral can automatically route calls to you or your employees. With Small business automatic call distribution (ACD) allows callers to wait in queue for your customer care officer or employees in department.

Your account can be activated instantly.With Online fax service of you can send and receive fax from anywhere. There is no need to install physical device at your office. Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email. You can also send and receive fax from your mobile device. A local number can be assigned for your clients to send fax to you. all the fax’s send can be stored on secure account of ringcentral and can be read or taken printout.

All in all the cloud based phone and fax system is really awesome and highly recommended.



  1. Looks like an awesome service. been having some problems with twilio. Will check this out!


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