Samsung is preparing up for the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and could follow that up by launching the Galaxy S9 just a few months later. Perhaps the Samsung is anxious about the incoming iPhone 8 hence pushed the S9’s launch forward to shroud the incompetence of iPhone 8.

Everyone expected the Galaxy S9 to be unveiled on the later period of 2018 but according to the report of The Bell, Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S9 in January 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9

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According to the report of The Investor, Samsung shipped displays for Galaxy S9 earlier than other parts. Parts manufacturer have apparently predicted an earlier Galaxy S9 launch than expected. This is because of the panel development that started all the way back in April last year, three to four months ahead of the schedule, under the project name “Star”.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has the same shape and display size as the Galaxy S8. Even the Samsung has used the same rare fingerprint scanner in S9 but as per the reports, Galaxy S9 will be modular and powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset.

In the nutshell, the Galaxy S9’s outlook is similar to Galaxy S8 but the performance of S9 seems more powerful due to the processor used in S9. Let’s wait and see what Samsung brings up in Samsung Galaxy S9.


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